Monday, 6 June 2011

The day will come when everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.

“The day will come when everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.”
Andy Warhol

I’ve often seen this interpreted as everyone will have 15 minutes of fame but more specifically, it states “the day will come”. Having died in 1987, he wouldn’t have been aware of the spread of internet-based opportunities to be famous.

Not many months back I had little online presence. A search would have shown a few hits based on earlier work in schools and more recent references to video work I have done. While I have been using computers in class since 1981, my profile was limited to email and some Facebook dabbling.

About two months back I decided to take the plunge. Facebook continued but I’ve added Twitter, several blogs, You Tube channel, Google+, and several others. Now searches reveal numerous hits.

“The day will come when everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes.”

It could be said the day has come for an unknown to be known. How else could I have been able to so easily view and leave comments on the work of children in United Kingdom classes, give support to those in need in countries around the world, share my photography with others, communicate easily with teachers and others around the world and contact people from my past?

We do hear about the dangers of online use and the need to take care. Do we really know who the person we are chatting with really is? I’m sure, like me, spammers have contacted many of you or ads disguised as real people have popped up. Caution on line, yes, but I’m glad we have it so readily available.

In the last 24 hours I was able to look at the homework of a 7 year old UK girl and leave positive comments for her video clip on Australian animals. My contact was sparked by a tweet from a Twitter follower. Suddenly, a 7 year old is known by someone on the other side of the world as well as who knows how many others.

With fame meaning renown or widespread acclaim, a 7 year old and her blog has the potential to make her famous even if it’s only till the next homework is given. Online has become a pathway to be known.

Doubt it? I suppose many of you have heard of Justin Bieber. Like him or hate him, he’s a good example of how online can lead to fame. In my case, who needs to be famous? I just like the chance to write and hope maybe a few people take the time to read what is written.

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